About Us

Thank you for visiting the website of the Plano Police Association. We hope your visit will leave you with an understanding of the mission and purpose of the PPA. We welcome your comments and questions.

The Plano Police Association was originally chartered as a fraternal organization in 1978. In 1986, the PPA was reorganized in order to expand its charter and mission. Safety concerns of officers and civilian employees, general working conditions, and economic issues became a priority. The PPA was determined to establish a positive dialogue with the police administration and city officials. Although the intentions of the PPA were not initially received well, enlightened leadership eventually realized the benefit of a cooperative relationship. The work of the early leaders of the PPA led to a considerable improvement in working conditions and equipment, combined with a salary increase that reflected the professionalism of Plano Police Officers and pushed the Department to become one of the highest paid in the state. While some issues will always remain, the consistent and cooperative relationship between the PPA and the leadership of the department continues to improve the professionalism of the Plano Police Department.

Today, over 75% of the department’s approximately 340 sworn members are affiliated with the Plano Police Association. The PPA continues to be a positive and influential voice for the concerns of the public safety employees. The PPA is a fraternal, benevolent and charitable nonprofit organization that serves the needs of our members as well as our community.

The goal of the Plano Police Association is to ensure equal and fair representation of the sworn officers and civilian employees of the department, regardless of rank, tenure, or assignment.