Upholding Justice: Plano Police Association Endorses Kim Laseter for District Judge

The Plano Police Association Political Action Committee proudly announces its endorsement for District Judge, 401st Judicial District, in the upcoming May 28, 2024 Runoff Election. After careful consideration, we firmly believe that Kim Laseter is the ideal candidate to uphold justice in our community.

Collin County is currently facing challenges with dangerous criminals being released with minimal or no bond, posing a threat to our safety. It is crucial to address these issues head-on and elect a candidate who understands the complexities of the judicial system.

Regrettably, one of the candidates, Joel Petrazio, declined to answer essential questions and refused an interview with the Plano Police Association. In contrast, another judicial candidate acknowledged the significance of our vetting process stating “of the vetting questionnaires I have completed, this one includes the most position specific questions.” This raises concerns about transparency and commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing our community from Mr. Petrazio.

Our endorsement of Kim Laseter is rooted in her exceptional background and experience, including her tenure as a Chief Felony Prosecutor and her current role as a solo practitioner. Kim's comprehensive legal journey demonstrates a profound understanding of the intricacies essential for a district judge.

Kim's career could be likened to the balanced scales of justice, reflecting her commitment to impartiality, fairness, and the rule of law. This equilibrium is crucial for maintaining a just and thriving community.

Furthermore, it is disconcerting that candidate Joel Petrazio, upon reviewing the "Texas Code of Judicial Conduct," declined to participate in our endorsement process. He failed to recognize that in 1995, our right to endorse candidates was protected with Opinion No. 184 from the Committee on Judicial Ethics under the Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas, not an "AG opinion" as Petrazio asserted. When this was pointed out, he doubled-down, raising questions about his ability to accurately interpret and apply legal principles.

Is this the kind of judgment we need on the bench in Collin County? We believe not. Collin County deserves a District Judge who not only possesses legal expertise but also understands the importance of transparency, fairness, and adherence to established ethical standards.

We strongly encourage all eligible citizens of Plano and Collin County to cast their vote for District Judge, 401st Judicial District - Kim Laseter. Let's elect a candidate who will truly uphold justice and ensure the well-being of our community.